Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why buy it,...when I can make it!!

Now that I'm all married off and Hubby and I are trying to save money wherever we can after the lay-off...mom has starting giving me cooking lessons!

I was never really one to cook when I was younger, mom tried numerous times to get me interested, but I just never got into it.  I was more of a baker.  Well, now that Hubby and I are on our own, making house, I figured it was time I really learned.  Yes, I'm a little nervous about it, the confidence isn't all there, but here I go!

So to start off, Lesson One: Rotha's Buns.  Some absolutely delicious buns that my mom has always made and a recipe from my Grandpa's cousin (Rotha) that has always been in the family!  Now these are some pretty intense buns, never had anything like 'em, and you can't make just one batch...mom always makes at least 3 at a time!  And I'm talking time-taking baking buns here...mix ingredients, knead dough, let dough rise, make buns, let buns rise, bake, and eat!  But they are like Heaven after you put a little butter on them (or without if you're Hubby)!

Now I just need to keep making them to get the recipe down!  Hubby was so excited that I'm learning to make them!  They are definitely a staple in our family...

We use them for everything; breakfast, lunch, dinner, garlic bread, hamburger buns, sandwiches, etc.  Now we just need to make quite a few and won't have to buy bread for a while!  They even freeze great!  Thrifty much?? Absolutely, and love it!!



  1. You do know you just can't do that!!!! You can't blog about cooking or baking that looks so wonderful and not include the recipe!!! :) I love to bake, especially bread, and would love to try this recipe!
    Good for you!!! "Poverty training", as my mother calls it!

  2. I would love the recipe also. Please??????

  3. Am dying! I am not sure I am patient enough to make them they look so good!