Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not your average blogger

Wow, I must say, after looking at some of the uber-thrifty blogs out there I am definitely not your "average" thrifty blogger!

I hope my readers don't expect to come here and see all of the best deals and greatest match-ups out there, because I just don't have the energy {or drive} to do that.  So if that's what you guys look for, so very sorry, but you won't find that here.  That's why I have all the great linkies on the right ----->
I'll leave it to the pros!

Here, you'll just find our journey to saving money, being thrifty, and making it by with a little more money in the bank day by day.  Tho, I'm feeling like the whole saving is a little rough right now.

Speaking of which, when will this whole "recession" thing turn around {????}, I wonder.  I just think back....{time warp}  I made it thru a year of lay-offs - then my number was drawn {in a figurative sense}, hubby's clientel has definitely decreased, I sometimes I feel like we need to sell everything in the house to make-do, I feel guilty of buying a Caribou once in a while (man, I'm glad I don't get one everyday like I used to!  Then we'd really be on the street, haha!), and I haven't bought any "new" clothes in I can't remember how long - garage sales and thrift shops are my friends.  I have gift cards to clothing stores, but feel guilty using them on clothes.  Why?  I have no idea, it's not like I can get toilet paper or food at those stores, right?

But then I think about my life, and think "we're not that bad off."  We own our house, we don't have car payments, our house is completely furnished, we have food on the table.  It's just that feeling of living paycheck-to-paycheck, like I'm not able to make enough to contribute, that little twinge of pain when I look at the bank accounts {to see the amounts haven't really increased}.

Okay, not sure where all of that came from!  Guess I've had a bit on my mind lately...  Just a little food for thought I suppose.

And now I must really get to bed after a day & night of reading articles, writing papers, taking quizzes and doing finances, blah. 


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