Sunday, October 11, 2009

Financial Vows

As many have been working very hard this year during this difficult economy to pay off their debt, we have been working on this as well. I have lately come up with my list of my:

Financial Vows to become Debt-Free!
1. Only out to lunch once a week

2. Trip to Caribou only once during pay week. (so every other week...which is down from twice a week, eek!)

3. I will think about each item before making a purchase.

4. I will use things up at home before purchasing more non-essentials.

5. We will treat ourselves to one dinner out a month.

6. Only one happy hour a month.

7. The credit card will only be used for online purchases.

8. I will not buy extra pop from the vending machine. (one of the difficult ones for me)

9. I will not buy anymore clothes until I get rid of some.

10. I will do at least 3 mystery shops a month to help with extra income.

11. We will put away $20 a month of my paycheck to our emergency fund.

What are some of your/your family's financial goals to become debt free? I would love to hear them!


1 comment:

  1. suzie orman and all the big financial wigs say to pay yourself first. in other words, you can't take a loan out on your retirement. make a roth ira a priority each year-try to do the max-paying yourself (ira) will inevitably put you on the top.