Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday's Frugal Tip

Never be afraid to shop thrift stores or garage sales, you never know what great things you will find!

Mom and I love going to a few different church garage sales around home every year. This year, I found some gorgeous clothes in great conditions, $3 a piece! And a couple dresses that I've worn to weddings, $7.50 (for a BCBG dress- you would never find anything that price in the store) and $10!

What was one of you best thrift store/garage sale finds??


  1. Many finds....recently James Avery bracelet for 1.50-got it appraised...it is worth $350. Dublin Dr Pepper bottles for $10 bucks (3 cases) so we can refill them-going rate is usually $150 per case and I got 2 cool winter jackets-Marmot and Patagonia for 2 bucks

  2. Yes,and if you don't like the color or worried that someone might realize it was their top before- hey, you can always spend a few bucks on a box of dye and dye it-