Wednesday, September 30, 2009

End of the Month

Just a quick little note:

The end of the month is upon us again! We just finished our budget for October, and things are looking alright just about now.

And the grand total of savings during September from coupons: $290.45

So for all of those that don't believe in using coupons, or just don't understand why one would want to take the time, that amount is exactly why! And that is just the savings from coupons (added up from all of our receipts during the month), and does not include things that were bought on sale and such.

How much did you and your family save this month?


  1. Discover, although a high interest, gives a small % of money back. We pay off our credit card each month and our % of cashback is almost 300 bucks! I can use it towards our bill or use it towards Discover card rewards (buy 25 gift card for 20 bucks to Gap etc). It will be nice to use at Christmas time!

  2. Great going on the coupon savings! I too am a firm believer in using them- especially when you can use a high value coupon with an item on sale!
    I have never bothered to add up the coupon amount I save for the month- but great idea.