Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello all!

I've been a sales shopper since birth, am thrifty at heart, and have been working to bring these traits to my new life with my awesome, loving husband! Couponing and saving are my game! Especially with being newly married, we have decided to dive into the world of doing all we can to spend less and save our money.

I love a challenge and always keep my eyes open for other ways to save. I get excited to look at the bottom of my receipt and see just how much I saved on a shopping trip! I think it's beginning to rub off on my man!

People have lately been asking me about how I save and if couponing has really helped my hubby & I with the place the economy is at the moment, so I decided to tell my story. I hope you enjoy, learn a lot, and I am excited to learn from you all as well!

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